Written by Charles Peacock
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Keypads for audio-video systems are the final piece in the complex puzzle of pulling all of your equipment together and making it work properly. Once you have installed your stereo and video equipment, you are often left with a rack of individual components, each with its own buttons and operating manuals. Keypads can help eliminate the need to operate each component individually.

Advantages of Keypads

If your audio-visual system has been set up properly, you can purchase a keypad that can send commands to any component in that system that's set up for remote control (which, these days, is virtually everything on the market). This means that you can finally put away the giant stack of remote controls that came with each component. Just think--you can even save on batteries!

The first keypads basically looked like large remote controls, with extra buttons for each component. Nowadays, you can buy touch-screen keypads that eliminate the buttons and even contain their own help features. Controlling your home theater system has never been easier.

The best way to design your home theater system is to have it professionally installed. This way, you can ensure that you keypad will work properly with each of your individual components. In addition, an installation expert will be able to program the keypad for ease of use--eliminating certain features that you'll never use, and organizing the screens in a way that you can easily find the command you're looking for.

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