Written by Charles Peacock
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Marantz is a worldwide leader in high-end audio equipment. From their humble beginnings producing home-made amplifiers, they have grown to an international company that makes stereo components, DVD players, and even plasma screens. The Marantz name has long been synonymous with high quality, and the same remains true today.

The History of Marantz

In the 1950s, Saul Marantz began to design audio components for his own personal use. The first piece he built, called the "Model 1 prototype" was revolutionary: it featured a phone equalizer, and seven inputs--even one for television audio. Nothing like this had ever been seen on the market before, and within three years the unit was being mass produced.

In 1959, Marantz introduced the famed Model 7C, and audiophiles around the globe still speak of it in reverent tones. It was on the market for nine years, and over 100,000 Model 7C's were sold. It was one of the most successful high-end audio components of all time.

In the mid 1960s Marantz introduced the ground-breaking Model 9. The most ground-breaking thing about it was its price--at the time, it was the one of the most expensive power amplifiers on the market. To this day, the Model 9 fetches a hefty sum on the collector's market.

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