Onkyo Dvd Players

Written by Serena Berger
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Onkyo DVD players are toward the higher end of the price spectrum, but with the higher price tag comes a more solid product. Onkyo offers single disc players, ideal for those who plan to use it primarily to watch DVDs, and six disc changers, better for those intending to make more use of the component as a CD player, or even for those planning an all-day movie marathon. Regardless of the intended use of the DVD player, Onkyo has made sure that they have a product that will suit your needs in terms of file compatibility.

If you've got enough MP3s on your computer to last you for days, you can transfer all of your music to your home stereo on just two blank CDs, and these discs will be compatible with most models of Onkyo DVD players. If you have discs that are either DVD-Audio or Super Audio CDs with enriched sound quality, some Onkyo models can play these as well. Of course, these components also handle regular DVDs well, thanks in part to the progressive scan technology.

THX Ultra Certified Onkyo DVD Players

THX certification has become synonymous with the highest standards of sound quality for DVDs, as well as components such as receivers and DVD players. Some DVD players from Onkyo are THX Ultra certified, indicating that they have been tested and meet the stringent performance standards in large home theater environments (up to 3,000 cubic feet). These DVD players will provide superb sound in large rooms, allowing for a true home theater experience.

While all Onkyo DVD players are among the best in their class, a step above the others is the DV-SP1000, touted by Onkyo as "the most advanced DVD player in the world." Though it may appear bulky for a single disc player, the large frame minimizes vibrations and the device provides a smooth loading tray for the disc. Including both a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and i.Link connections, this DVD player is poised to meet the evolving multimedia technology of tomorrow.

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