Phillips Plasma Tvs

Written by Serena Berger
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Phillips plasma TVs are available in 42 inches and 50 inches. With virtual Dolby surround sound available on their models, the need for two rear speakers is eliminated. It was Phillips' creative advertising that made everyone fall in love with unique placement possibilities of plasma televisions, as they can be placed on a tabletop with a stand or mounted on a wall with mounts that can be bought separately.

Innovative Features of Phillips Plasma TVs

Phillips plasma TVs include a unique feature called Active Control which analyzes the incoming analog signal and automatically adjusts the color settings on the television to produce the best video output. Digital Crystal Clear is another innovative set of features that automatically adjusts contrast, color and sharpness levels. Coupled with the Light Sensor which automatically adjusts the brightness of the picture based on the ambient light present in the room, Phillips plasma televisions take the tedious work of optimizing the video quality out of your hands and allows you to sit back and enjoy.

Another feature of Phillips plasma TVs is the 3D comb filter that eliminates cross color, cross luminance, as well as dot crawl and distortion. The best type of filter available today, the 3D comb filter works to separate the color signal from the black and white signal, ensuring the full vividness of colors. On higher end models, PixelPlus technology further improves the color reproduction to improve the sharpness and depth of video.

To further improve the theater experience, some Phillips plasma televisions include "wOOx" loudspeaker technology that captures and enhances the low frequency bass. Also, some models will produce soft ambient lighting on the area surrounding the television, which has been shown in research to improve television viewing. With the new High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), high definition video and multichannel audio signals can be delivered without converting them to analog, eliminating noise and maintaining the purity of the signal.

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