Private Theater

Written by Charles Peacock
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Having a private theater used to mean you were either a celebrity or the chief development executive for Paramount Studios. Fortunately, with the advent of DVD players and digital high-definition projectors, you can now build a private theater in your own home that will rival any megaplex. The best part is, you can drink beer and the candy is free.

Designing a Private Theater

If you're serious about your private theater, you'll of course want to invest in the best audio and video equipment. Specialty home theater shops, magazines and websites will be able to help you choose which components are right for you. When you're ready to install everything, I would recommend getting a professional to do it--they can put it together quickly (saving you from reading the manuals), and can optimize all of your equipment in a way that you probably wouldn't be able to.

Of course, great home theaters require more than just high-end stereos and projectors. For the real movie-going experience, you're going to want things like an auto-retracting curtain in front of your screen (a touch that I refuse to do without when I build my own home theater) as well as comfortable stadium seating. If you're up for it, you could even install rows of retractable Lazy-Boy-style lounge chairs. Now that's living.

The final piece to your home theater puzzle is making it truly private. If there are any windows in your room, you'll want nice heavy curtains over them to keep the sun out and the sound in. Speaking of sound, you'll also want to look into installing audio dampening panels around the room, so when you're watching a movie you're not rattling books off the shelves in the rest of your house. Believe me, it can happen.

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