Projection Systems

Written by Charles Peacock
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Projection systems make it possible to have large-format video in your home or office at a surprisingly low price. Advancements in digital technology have taken us way past the days of the film-reel projectors. It's now even possible to bring a portable projector and DVD player to any locale and set up your own little movie theater wherever the mood may strike you.

Choosing the Right Projection Systems

Portability can be a real issue when you're shopping for projection systems. If the projector is going to be used in your corporate headquarters, you may need the ability to take it from conference room to conference room--and maybe even set it up in the boss's office. There are plenty of light-weight projectors on the market that make this an easy task with very little setup.

If you're looking for more permanent projection systems, say, for a home theater system, you'll probably want a projector that is mounted to (or in) your ceiling. Since the projection screen is typically a few feet off the ground, this allows the projector a more direct line of projections. It also keeps it in a place that's out of reach, so you don't have to worry about bumping into it or tripping over cables.

A crucial aspect of any projection system is going to be the screen. I always used to wonder why you couldn't just project an image on a white wall, until I was told that you can--it just won't look very good. High quality projection screens are designed to be highly reflective, allowing for a crisp, colorful image that is free of distortion. No matter how white your wall may be, it won't be able to produce the same quality picture as a good screen.

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