Written by Charles Peacock
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Pronto is a revolutionary new type of intelligent remote control. Manufactured by the Philips Company, it contains all the best features of previous touch-screen remotes, and adds to them some surprising new capabilities. Let's take a look at what Pronto has to offer.

Features of the Philips Pronto

Philips refers to the Pronto as "the dashboard for the home." In reality, it's actually more powerful than your car's dashboard. Instead of just reporting information, it allows you to control your entire home entertainment system, as well as any automated electronic products you might have elsewhere in your house.

Like a universal remote control, the Pronto can be programmed to control your TV, DVD player, home stereo, and other entertainment components. Unlike a remote control, it uses a graphics-based touch screen instead of real buttons. This means you can scroll through menus, and even customize the menus to your liking--making the process of controlling your entertainment system a lot more straightforward and fun.

The newest generation of Prontos feature wireless internet access. Using this feature, you can actually check TV program guides on the remote control itself--from anywhere in your house. It also has a built in web browser, so if you want to check the news or weather without firing up your computer, it's a piece of cake.

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