Written by Charles Peacock
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Sonance is a manufacturer of high-end home theater speakers and automated control systems. Founded in 1981, they have won awards and have even earned patents on some of their speaker innovations. They specialize in in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and home automation control systems.

Sonance Products

Sonance was one of the early pioneers of in-wall speakers. They have used their experience and expertise in continuing to develop some of the best high-end in-wall speakers on the market. In-wall speakers are a different animal than traditional stand-alone speakers, utilizing different types of technology. But since Sonance developed a lot of this technology, they remain the first choice for many audiophiles.

In addition to their traditional indoor speakers, Sonance offers a unique line of outdoor in-wall speakers. Perfect for spas, boats, and pool areas, these speakers are highly water resistant, and still produce great sound. They are a great idea if you'd like to be able to channel music from your home stereo to your back yard.

Beyond their line of speakers, Sonance offers a host of other products. Among the most popular are their switching units, which are useful for complex audio-video applications that require custom setups to work properly. They also offer a range of control panels for home entertainment and home security control.

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