Speaker Wires

Written by Serena Berger
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Speaker wires are essentially synonymous with speaker cables. The only non-semantic difference of which you might want to beware is that cables almost always have connecting plugs pre-attached. This can be an advantage over speaker wires, which may just be the wires themselves, with unfinished ends.

Using Speaker Wires Cut for You

On the flip side, however, you can buy unfinished speaker wire at any length. Cables generally come in just a few lengths, as they have to be pre-cut in order to attach the connectors. If you want one of those lengths, then cables may be the right choice for you. If you happen to have a room which requires just two feet of wire more than a medium length cable, but a good 10 feet less than the next size, the added work of dealing with the ends yourself may make sense for you.

This entails gently stripping the plastic or rubber from around the actual metal wire to expose the part of the wire that carries the signals. You can then clamp the exposed wire in a banana plug, which becomes the connector. The connector is plugged into the receiver and the speakers, preferably in a snug way that can't be jostled free.

There are several qualities of good speaker wires that you should consider when making your purchases. Conductivity is one of them, because a cable that conducts electricity well means more of the signal gets to where you're sending it. Thickness, noise shielding, and balanced construction are also important.

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