Written by Charles Peacock
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SpeakerCraft is a manufacturer or high quality customized speakers. They offer both in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, as well as customized speaker solutions for more complicated applications. They even make speakers in the shape of fake rocks, that can be placed outside to provide music from a totally stealth source.

The History of SpeakerCraft

SpeakerCraft was founded in 1976 as an audio retailer. Before making their own products, they sold speakers and audio systems and often did custom installation work. This gradually led them into producing their own custom speakers.

SpeakerCraft claims many firsts, among them the fact that they were the first company to produce in-wall speakers that did not require in-wall mounting brackets. They were the first to create speakers that can tilt inside the wall, eliminating the problems normally created by perpendicular wall speakers. They have also improved the sound of in-ceiling speakers using technology called "WavePlane."

SpeakerCraft in-wall and in-ceiling speakers can be a great solution for spreading music throughout your home. Since their speakers are nearly invisible, they can be mounted in ceilings or walls all around your house, allowing you to listen to your music freely and seamlessly while strolling around your home. With this type of speaker system, there's no need to worry about dangling wires or ugly boxy speakers all over the place.

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