Written by Charles Peacock
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Tannoy, Ltd. is a well respected manufacturer of high-end speakers that has been in business for almost one hundred years. They offer a line of products ranging from discreet in-wall speakers to highly stylized, wooden-cased stand-alone speakers. They also offer a full line of professional products for studios and business applications.

The Origins of Tannoy

Tannoy was founded in 1926 by an Englishman named Guy R. Fountain. Sound broadcasting had recently begun in London, and at the time people's radio sets required battery power to run properly. Many automotive garages soon got into the business of charging people's radio batteries, and Fountain owned one of these garages.

At the time, battery charging was an expensive process, and Fountain hunted for a cheaper way to do it. What he came up with was a process that involved using two metals: tantalum and lead alloy. The name "Tannoy" was born from a combination of these two words.

Over the next few decades, Tannoy got into the speaker business. Through World War II, they invented and marketed many products relating to reproducing speech and music. One of their most interesting early products was a speaker system that they created for a traveling circus. Over the years, their research and development team lead many important advances in the audio field, and they have remained an important member of this market ever since.

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