Touch Panels

Written by Charles Peacock
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Touch panels are a useful way of centralizing control of your home. You can use them to adjust your lighting, raise or lower the temperature of your house, and even play music from your home entertainment system anywhere else in the house. Touch panels have exploded in popularity in recent years, as their affordability and ease of use increases.

Uses for Touch Panels

The most common use for touch panels is home security. With a graphics-based touch panel, you can view status reports on your entire house, including information like what doors are closed, if your alarm is set, etc. Some of the best control systems even allow you to access this information over the Internet (while you are at work, for example).

As our homes become more automated, touch panels keep rising to the challenge and incorporating new features. You can now adjust the lighting in different rooms of your house using a touch panel, and even adjust the temperature all over the house from one central location. The best touch panels are wireless, meaning you can hold them in your lap and use them to control your TV while checking on the temperature of your baby's room upstairs.

Using a touch panel to control your home entertainment system can be a real convenience. The best hand-held touch screens are able to act as a universal remote, controlling all of your television and audio components from one place. Even better, you can take it with you through the house, enabling you to adjust the volume of your stereo and even pump music into different rooms as you walk around.

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