Touch Screens

Written by Charles Peacock
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Touch screens are revolutionizing the home environment. For years, you've been able to control things like your home security system and your air conditioning using touch screens. But new models are now hitting the market that have amazing--and even surprising--features.

A Revolution in Touch Screens

Philips is currently marketing a line of touch screens called the "Pronto," which are by far the most powerful units to hit the market. They are hand-held, and completely wireless, and feature a large colorful LCD display. In addition to being able to control all of your automated home systems (security systems, lighting, temperature, home entertainment systems), Prontos also feature a wireless web browser, TV guide capabilities, and even the ability to play music on built-in speakers.

While the Pronto hasn't quite caught on yet, it seems likely that this type of touch screens will come to dominate the consumer market. Rather than having to fire up your computer to check email, for instance, wouldn't it be great if you could do it from one central remote control? In fact, you can do this today.

In the future, it's likely that touch screens will evolve into combination media players, cell phones, and home control units. We'll be able to take them everywhere with us, giving us the ability to communicate with our homes from anywhere in the country--or even the world. When this becomes a reality, let's just hope that they have good built-in security measures--you wouldn't want to lose your all-powerful touch screen and find out that somebody has been increasing the heat in your master bedroom!

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