Written by Charles Peacock
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Velodyne Acoustics is a manufacturer of high-end speaker systems for home and professional uses. While they specialize in subwoofers, they also offer a range of home theater and surround-sound speakers. Let's take a look at the history of the company.

The History of Velodyne Acoustics

Founded in 1983 by David Hall, Velodyne is a favorite company of audiophiles and home theater experts. Their speakers are known for creative design, great sound and quality manufacturing. This reputation comes as a result of a lot of hard work and dedication.

The mission of Velodyne Acoustics, as set forth by the founder, has been to produce speakers that are free from distortion. Considering the fact that pretty much everyone has experienced speaker distortion at one time or another, you can see what a tall task this is. But Velodyne has made some major achievements, using revolutionary kinds of technology.

Velodyne speakers originally employed a technology called HGS, or High-Gain Servo. This technology allowed for a system that would measure the movement of the drivers in bass speakers, and control them to minimize distortion. HGS technology led to huge reductions in distortion when compared to other speakers on the market, and was hailed as a huge breakthrough in speaker technology.

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