In Wall Speakers

Written by Charles Peacock
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In wall speakers are a perfect sound solution for your home theater. Since they are flush with the wall, they can easily be painted or covered to perfectly match your wall coverings. This way, you don't have to worry about unsightly speakers taking up room or interrupting the careful design of your room.

Choosing and Placing in Wall Speakers

In wall speakers have become popular as more and more people are leaning towards professionally designed home theaters. They can be seamlessly integrated into your room's decor, and you don't have to sacrifice sound quality. In fact, they can have acoustic advantages in addition to advantages in appearance.

By carefully placing your in wall speakers, you can optimize your room's surround sound. Traditional speakers need to be mounted to a wall or placed on a shelf, an in many cases you're restricted to where you can put them. This means you're often not putting them in their optimal position.

With help from a sound system installation specialist, you can choose the spots on your walls that will create an optimized surround sound experience. Typically, this means placing one speaker in the center front of the room, above or below the TV or viewing screen. Two speakers are placed to the left and the right, with another two mounted in the wall behind you--also on the left and the right.

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