Written by Charles Peacock
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Xantech is a company that specializes in remote control solutions for your home. Previously, it was impossible to use your stereo or television remote control anywhere but directly in front of the component itself. Xantech sought to solve this problem, and has developed a line of products that give you true remote control freedom.

How Xantech Products Work

Traditional remote controls work by sending an infrared signal to a receiver on your stereo or television. Normally you need to point the remote directly at the receiver for the signal to be received. If you are lucky (and your batteries are strong) you may even be able to get it to bounce off a wall. But using it outside of the room where your entertainment system is used to be impossible.

To solve this problem, Xantech invented a system of infrared extension. The way that it works is simple: infrared receivers are placed in any room in your house where you want to use your remote. If you have speakers installed in the kitchen that are wired to your main stereo system, you'd simply install an infrared receiver in the kitchen.

Each of these extra receivers is hard-wired to a transmitter in the room that holds your entertainment system. When you press "play" in the kitchen, the signal is picked up by the kitchen receiver, then transmitted through a wire to a transmitter in the entertainment room. That transmitter then sends the signal directly to your TV or stereo. As a result, you can still control your components from anywhere in the house where you have an infrared receiver installed!

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