Computer Kiosks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Computer kiosks continue to change the way we conduct so many different aspects of modern life. Computer kiosks have become such a staple of modern society that it's difficult to imagine life before them. Yet, self service kiosks have only been with us for about two decades, since they were first introduced in 1982.

Life Before Computer Kiosks

Before computer kiosks, there were no ATM machines. If you needed cash, you had to visit the bank during banking hours, and could take out your money only with the help of another person. Before kiosks, you had to stand in line to check in at the airport. You couldn't do it yourself like you can now.

Before multimedia kiosks, you couldn't check yourself out at the grocery store or the hardware store. You had to wait in line to buy your movie tickets. Stores didn't offer virtual catalogues of their inventory. Waiters in restaurants had to write orders down by hand, then walk them back to the kitchen or bar.

Kiosks, quite simply, are everywhere. Every child knows how to use a computer. I don't think most of us even realize how often we deal with computers in our everyday lives outside the office or the home. The fact that computers have only been available in public life for 20 years is mind-boggling. I suspect that kiosk manufacturers will be busy ad infinitum, since kiosks are going to become only more prevalent in our lives.

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