Custom Kiosks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Custom kiosks can be tailor-made to meet your company's needs. By working closely with your software developers, kiosk manufacturers are able to produce custom kiosks that fully realize your developers' designs. Together, the manufacturer and designer are able to produce custom kiosks that benefit your company at a surprisingly low cost.

The Low Cost of Custom Kiosks

How can custom making a kiosk save you money? By letting someone else handle the hardware, you get to avoid the costs of hardware inventory, shipping, integration and staging. You can negotiate the purchase or rental of these kiosks. The kiosks can even be installed and maintained for you, all by the same company that created your custom kiosk in the first place.

Look for a company that will build and test the kiosk according to your company's procedure, rather than its own. You need to be in charge of the way your kiosk is built. Work with a company that understands this chain of command, and is totally amenable to it.

By creating a custom kiosk that does exactly what your designers want it to do, you'll be able to appeal to a much wider range of customers. Before deploying these kiosks, however, have a realistic plan for how they will be maintained. Remember, kiosks take a real beating! Factor in the costs of servicing these machines before you decide how many to order.

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