Ecommerce Tools

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Some of the most successful eCommerce tools are those tools which give the customer greater control over his or her shopping experience. Let's face it: people absolutely hate lines. ECommerce tools that allow customers to get in and get out quickly and self-sufficiently are likely to draw more people into your store or business. Ticketing kiosks and other transactional kiosks are growing in popularity for this very reason.

ECommerce Tools and Kiosks

The first kiosk was introduced in 1982, and was essentially nothing more than a computer in a box made of wood. 15 years later, eCommerce was created. Kiosks were quickly identified as powerful eCommerce tools. Internet kiosk systems are now such an established part of our commercial culture that it is hard to picture the world without them.

The combination of internet access and multimedia kiosks enables merchants to give customers access to virtually all their products. Items which are far too large for showrooms can easily be sold via internet kiosks. Customers are also able to custom build products they might not otherwise get a chance to even see. For instance, what would a certain couch look like in a certain type of fabric? How would a car look in a specific color, with certain features added and other features stripped away?

Obviously, if you own a business, giving your customers access to your entire inventory via eCommerce is a smart idea. In addition to serving as a marketing tool, these kiosks will save you valuable time and energy from your workers. Customers will happily seek out self-service, and your sales associates will be freed up to concentrate on more important work.

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