Kiosk Manufacturers

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Kiosk manufacturers have been very busy during the last decade. In truth, kiosk manufacturers have actually been deploying self service kiosks since 1982. The year 1982 saw the introduction of the very first public access videodex terminals, or what we now simply call kiosks. These kiosks were basically just computers in boxes made out of wood.

It wasn't until the creation of the Web in and eCommerce, however, that kiosk manufacturers really hit their strides. The mid-'90s brought a host of changes to "interactive video merchandising centers," the second term used for public computers before the term kiosk came into favor. In the mid-1990s, kiosks began to be housed in durable, anti-vandalism and anti-theft materials. The wooden box became a thing of the past.

Designers began paying attention to the aesthetic value of kiosks, as well. Kiosk manufacturers began playing with the idea of attractive kiosks that could fit into a variety of settings. Pay-per-use kiosks were introduced. Kiosks became a popular tool for public internet access. Many people had email accounts because of work or school, but didn't yet have access to the Internet at home.

Kiosk Manufacturers and Airlines

In 2000, kiosk information systems were introduced by 11 airlines, forever changing the way Americans think about the airport. Although self check-in at the airport has been available for a very short time, it has become the standard way for most of us to check in. We may still have to deal with long lines at the airport, but the line now stands at the security gate, not the check-in.

Self-ticketing is a popular feature at movie theaters, as well as airports. With the help of a credit card or ATM card, users can buy their movie tickets and refreshments from self-service kiosks. This system is highly preferable to standing in long lines.

I especially find it helpful if the movie I wanted to see has sold out. I can see when that movie will be playing next, and see what other movies might be playing. If a long line was forming behind me, the way it would be at a traditional ticketing window, I would never take the time to learn about other movies the way I do at a kiosk.

Kiosk Manufacturers and New Frontiers

Kiosk manufacturers, retailers and administrators are coming up with creative new uses for kiosks all the time. Hospital kiosks, for instance, are a great use of kiosk technology. These systems empower patients, while supporting doctors and nurses.

Patients can check treatment schedules, look up support groups, and educate themselves about drugs and drug interactions. Kiosk manufacturers have also designed hospital kiosks with excellent mapping services. Patients are able to find their way around a large and confusing hospital with the help of these maps.

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