Ncr Kiosks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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NCR kiosks are one of the premier products of the National Cash Register Company, or NCR. NCR systems are very popular with a host of users, including movie theaters, hospitals and airlines, in part because they can be deployed so easily. NCR kiosks manage to pack a lot of multimedia parts into a very compact structure.

These self service kiosks have very small footprints, meaning they can be placed just about anywhere. Unlike bulkier kiosks, NCR kiosks can fit very nicely anywhere in your store, theater or other public space. NCR EasyPoints, like the EasyPoint 45, manage to fit a video camera, thermal printer, card reader, computer, speakers and keyboard all within an extremely compact unit.

NCR Kiosks and Easy Access

Another great thing about these kiosks is their accessibility. Kiosks endure a lot of punishment. Unlike your home computer, which you may use a few hours per day, these computers are basically in constant use. They have to function smoothly and efficiently, while rarely getting a chance to cool down. Although NCRs are known for their reliability, every kiosk needs to be serviced from time to time.

NCRs have been built with easy access for servicing. The internal parts can be maintained very quickly and efficiently. This is true whether the kiosk has actually broken down, or whether it simply needs custodial upkeep, such as a toner refill.

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