Ncr Systems

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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NCR systems have come a long way since John Patterson founded the National Cash Register Company in 1884. Even then, NCR was considered an important company at the forefront of technology. After all, it was NCR that introduced the first mechanical cash register! 120 years later, NCR systems are still changing the way people think about business transactions.

NCR Systems and Self Service Kiosks

Nowadays, NCR excels in the field of self service and custom kiosks. For almost 15 years, NCR has been producing award-winning, exceptional electronic kiosks. Retailers, airlines, banks and hotels all benefit from NCR's cutting edge kiosks. Because NCR systems are modular, companies are able to build exactly the kinds of kiosks that suit their needs.

One of the great things about NCR's kiosks is their footprint technology. The kiosks are built with small footprints, which means they can be placed just about anywhere. A merchant can place the kiosk where it can do the most good for his business, rather than being forced to tuck it into the only corner where it will possibly fit.

These are also truly interactive multimedia kiosks. Details like full motion video with synchronized sound, and full-page thermal printing capabilities make this kiosk an industry leader. The NCR EasyPoint 45 even comes with an optional video camera! The screens themselves are easy to navigate, read and control, making them a favorite of customers.

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