Outdoor Kiosks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Outdoor kiosks have to be even more rugged than their indoor counterparts. All self service kiosks are built for ruggedness and reliability, but outdoor kiosks have to withstand a lot more than just vandalism or attempted theft. Outdoor kiosks need to protect the computer and all its integrated, high-tech components from rain, snow, and temperature extremes.

Potential Uses for Outdoor Kiosks

The most well-known outdoor kiosk enclosures are ATM machines. It's difficult to remember sometimes what life was like before ATMs. I remember going through the bank's drive through with my mother as a kid. Money was deposited and withdrawn in a metal container that was passed between the teller in the bank, and the customer in her car. If you didn't get your money by the weekend, you just had to go without until Monday!

Obviously, ATMs have drastically changed the way people think about banks, cash, savings and so on. An outdoor kiosk, however, can do a lot more than just provide money. I think one of the very best uses for these kiosks is not transactional, but informational.

Kiosks can be fantastic sources of information. I'm sure many cities could benefit from strategically placing kiosks to provide information in popular but confusing areas. This information might include maps and directions, a listing of local retailers, coffee shops and restaurants, a history of the area, and directions to public rest rooms.

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