Photo Kiosks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Photo kiosks have been a phenomenal success in the world of interactive multimedia kiosks. In fact, Kodak's photo kiosks, known as Kodak Picture Maker kiosks, may be the most successful kiosks ever deployed. About 46,000 of these photo kiosks have been deployed to date.

Photo Kiosks and Self-Service

I think the success of these multimedia kiosks can serve as an instruction to other would-be kiosk owners. Their success is a testament to the fact that people like to do things for themselves. Self-service isn't popular merely because people don't like waiting in long lines. Self-service is popular because people like to be in control of their decision making, particular when the decision is an aesthetic one.

Rather than deal with another person, most people would prefer to make their own decisions about where a photo should be cropped, or whether other changes should be made to it. Making these decisions is actually a lot of fun! Self-service can be a means of self-expression, and self-expression is something that just about everybody craves.

Simplicity is key. People like doing things for themselves, but they don't like wasting a lot of time navigating a kiosk and figuring out how to use it. Look for standard kiosk software that is easy to navigate and use, or have your own software developers create something even better. If you use your own software developers, make sure you work with kiosk manufacturers who agree to follow your protocol.

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