Restaurant Kiosks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Restaurant kiosks have to be reliable. Imagine an upscale restaurant filled with 20 tables. The place is packed on a Saturday night, and each couple is looking to spend a lot of money, ordering course after course of appetizers, salads, aperitifs, bottles of wine, entrees, and after-dinner cognacs and creme brulee. Every single one of these orders has been punched into and recorded on the restaurant kiosks, which communicate from the waiters, to the bartenders, bussers, and kitchen staff.

Unreliable Restaurant Kiosks

Half the orders have been punched into the restaurant's two restaurant kiosks when one of the kiosks breaks down. All the orders are lost. All the checks have to be re-created. Every single customer is angry, and every waiter feels so frustrated that they start thinking about quitting.

A breakdown like this can happen once in a blue moon, and the staff will tolerate it and even maybe laugh over it. If it happens again, there will be serious consequences--your kiosk will be out, and your competition's kiosk will be in. Restaurants, after all, are all about timing.

Timing out the presentation of the drinks and the appetizers, the entrees and the final bill, is hard enough when everything is functioning smoothly. Even one couple that decides to stay at their table for too long can throw off the seating for the entire night. When self service kiosks break down, pandemonium ensues. Therefore, reliability and quality custodial servicing are top priorities.

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