Self Service Kiosks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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It's hard to imagine a world without self service kiosks. Ask a 20-year old to imagine a world before ATM machines, and he's apt to just stare at you blankly. The same goes for imagining a world without self check-in at the airport or self check-out at the grocery store. Self service kiosks are simply an integral part of our modern lives.

The Benefits of Self Service Kiosks

Self service kiosks are here to stay for a very good reason. They benefit the customer, and they benefit the merchant. For the customer, self service provides independence. Most people would rather help themselves than wait in line to be helped. A great case in point for this is the Kodak kiosk.

Kodak Picture Maker Kiosks are arguably the most successful kiosks ever. About 46,000 of these kiosks have been deployed around the world. These kiosks allow users to alter digitized photographs and print the results on photo quality paper.

Interactive multimedia kiosks like these save customers time and money. They allow the customer to make exactly the changes and decisions he or she wants. They're also quite a lot of fun. The success of many kiosks lies in the fact that people enjoy interaction and participation. People are fundamentally creative, and kiosks can be a great outlet for this bottled up creativity.

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