Ticketing Kiosks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Ticketing kiosks have made movie theaters and airports much pleasanter places to be. Going to the airport is never anyone's favorite chore. There are long lines, cumbersome bags, arduous security check ins, and so on. Ticketing kiosks have made checking in at the airport much quicker and easier, and therefore, much more pleasant.

Ticketing Kiosks and Movie Theaters

Ticketing kiosks are also very effective in movie theaters. Self serve kiosks make it easy to get movie tickets without having to wait in a long line. You can often order your refreshments through movie theater kiosks, as well. If the movie you want to see is sold out, you can read or see information about other movies showing at that theater. You can comfortably look at all the different movie choices and movie times without feeling the pressure of a long line gathering behind you.

For retailers, kiosks are great commercial tools. Touchscreen kiosks can be used to advertise products while also serving as transactional tools. Advertising can bring great extra income to your company.

Kiosks also enable businesses to hire fewer workers. It's better to have a bank of 10 kiosks available to sell tickets during rush periods, than to have 10 workers who have to work hard during rush periods, only to stand around during the much more frequent slow periods. Hiring someone to work hard only five percent of her shift just isn't cost efficient. Automating is much smarter.

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