Touchscreen Kiosks

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Touchscreen kiosks have been around for only about 20 years, yet they have revolutionized the way so many businesses are run. Touchscreen kiosks have the added convenience of being fully-functioning without the need for a keyboard. The lack of kiosk keyboards creates a sleeker, simpler look, which is also easier to maintain.

Touchscreen kiosks are found just about everywhere, from factory floors to hospitals, airline check-ins to movie theaters. These self service kiosks are popular with both the folks who use them, and the folks who deploy them. They can create greater efficiency, which helps the business while satisfying the customer.

Touchscreen Kiosks at the Movies

Let's look at movie theaters as an example. Movie theater kiosks allow customers to buy movie tickets themselves. Lines, of course, are much shorter. If a movie is sold out, the user can easily see what else is playing and when, without having to stand in line to find out. Shorter lines make the entire movie-going experience more pleasant for everyone. More tickets are sold.

Meanwhile, the theater itself can bring in revenue by using the kiosk to advertise. The theater can also sell refreshments through the kiosk. The theater doesn't have to pay as many employees to sell tickets during rush periods, then just sit around during down periods. Automating the process is better for customers and businesses alike!

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