Canon G5

Written by Norene Anderson
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The Canon G5 is one of the Powershot digital cameras that has some phenomenal features. It has a 5 megapixel CCD sensor with the ability to capture a pixel image that is 2592 x 1944 with distinctive detail and color. The 4x optical zoom lens is fast and has a high resolution. The iris-type aperture has multi-stop control that gives an amazing field depth.

Canon has designed a Digic imaging processor that is combined with iSAPS (Intelligent Scene Analysis based on Photographic Space) which serves as the orientation sensor and primary color filter brains of the camera. This technology allows for the absolute best quality in every picture. In addition to this built-in feature, there are many manual and automatic functions that produces the perfect picture.

The Benefits of the Canon G5 Camera

The 4x optical zoom lens in the Canon G5 is all glass and has the equivalent of a 35mm range of 35-140mm. The macro focusing will go all the way down to 2 inches. The use of this lens is unlimited. There are telephoto capabilities that make it equal to a 16x zoom. This makes its possibilities limited only by the imagination of the photographer.

The Canon G5 also has two choices for auto focus. In one setting the focal point can be set anywhere in the frame. In the other, it focuses continuously and automatically. Some of the manual features include setting shutter speeds, focus, flash, and exposure. The flash has red eye reduction. You can save your photos and transfer them to other formats with all the software that is available with the camera.

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