Fuji Film Digital Camera

Written by Norene Anderson
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There is a Fuji Film digital camera that will fit into your photographic lifestyle and ability. The Finepix A205 is picture cradle ready and has both video and USB outports. It is an amazing 2.0 million effective pixel digital with a 3X optical zoom.

Another Fuji Film digital camera that is very popular is the A330. It boasts of 3.2 effective pixels with 3.02 million recorded pixels. It has 4.8X combined zoom capabilities. It is print direct ready and has movie recording capability. The Finepix A340 digital camera is 4.0 million effective pixels and 3.87 million recorded pixels. The Finepix F700 has the 4th generation super CCD SR technology and 3X Fujinon optical zoom.

More Fuji Film Digital Camera Facts

The Fuji Film digital camera that has the most effective pixels is the S7000 with 6.3 million. The recorded pixels are 12.3 million. It has an extra-long 6X f/2.8 Fujinon optical zoom. There is also a wide range of ISO settings and VGA quality movie recording with sound. The advanced exposure and focusing controls are great for the experienced photographer.

There is also an S3000 and S5000 Finepix digital camera with a variety of features from the other Finepix series. All give excellent photo quality and a choice of automated or manual functions. There is one that will fit your lifestyle and photography desires.

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