Icom America

Written by Norene Anderson
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Icom America is owned by Icom, Inc. which was founded by Tokuzo Inoue in 1954. This is a Japanese corporation that is publicly held. Icon, Inc. was originally a company for designing, engineering, and manufacturing radio equipment for amateurs. It is now a company that offers communications equipment for marine, aviation, and land mobile industries. This covers a wide spectrum in types of communication equipment.

The compact solid-state radio equipment that is used in the amateur market is highly advanced and has continued to gain popularity. Icom, Inc. has offices in many countries such as Canada, Spain, France, and Germany. Icom America is the largest subsidiary company. It is the distributor for the United States and sales are increasing continually. The usage and popularity has extended far beyond the original two-way radio concept.

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The marine industry uses communications equipment that Icom has developed. This equipment includes such things as ship-to-shore communications and side band transceivers for worldwide communications. It also has short range VHF communications equipment. There are handheld transceivers for communication on marine vessels.

Since the incorporation of Icom America in 1979, the industry has continued to improve and expand the scope of the equipment it provides. All of the equipment is state-of-the-art and uses the latest technology in communications. It has come a long way from its origin and continues to accept the challenges of staying on the cutting edge. Icom has receivers that range in size from handheld to a very wide-range receiver that can turn a PC into a receiver.

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