Lowrance Fish Finder

Written by Norene Anderson
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A Lowrance fish finder is one of the greatest inventions that a fisherman could ever wish for. A fish finder (or fish sonar) is a method of applying sonar to detect the location of fish. This can be done for deep-sea fishing by locating fish vertically downward. It can also be used to locate fish horizontally for surface fishing.

Some of the Lowrance features include 168 vertical pixels, 4-level gray scale display, and a high-contrast backlit screen that is easy to view either at night or in low light. They also include a simple keypad with easy-to-use menu keys. If size is important, a Lowrance fish finder is small with adjustable tilt and that makes it easy to carry.

More about the Lowrance Fish Finder

You can expect to get a depth of at least 600 feet (183 m) with a true 800 watts peak-to-peak transmit power. The clearest pictures are made possible by the advanced signal processing technique. It has a transducer with temp. There is also a built-in water surface temp sensor and it can operate up to 70 miles per hour or 113 kph. It also comes with a 4-level grayscale.

You can find all the information you need on a Lowrance fish finder just by searching the Internet. A few clicks of the mouse will have you fully equipped for that next fishing adventure and make it one to remember. With advanced receiver designs to enhance sensitivity and provide more resistance to electrical interference, you are sure to get the absolute best results.

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