Clinical Binocular Microscopes

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Everyone is demanding the ever-increasing accuracy and high powers of magnification available in microscopes these days. But there are some fields of expertise that demand the most up-to-date features, more so than others. The medical field surely falls into this last category. Clinical binocular microscopes, then, are built to the most exacting standards.

If you are looking for clinical binocular microscopes, you will need more features than standard research microscopes. A good clinical binocular microscope will offer you eight magnifications, from 40x to 1600x. Clinical microscopes should always be made sturdily and their parts should be easily adjustable. Always check your chosen model to make sure that you can make adjustments with as much ease as possible.

Needs for Clinical Procedures

For most clinical procedures, you'll need an oversized mechanical stage that can be adjusted with coaxial controls. Some good clinical microscopes offer the option of extra sets of eyepieces. As with any good microscope, many clinical binocular microscopes offer a range of extras that you can buy. Don't buy anything you're not sure you'll use, because you can always pick it up later if it turns out you do need it.

Note that the prices for clinical binocular microscopes can vary wildly. You should be aware that a clinical binocular microscope that will cost you thousands of dollars is not necessarily going to be better than one you pick up for a few hundred dollars. You just need to choose very carefully, and this is why it is definitely worth reading as much as you can about the subject before you make a decision. Do ask around among your colleagues who will most certainly be able to give you some pointers for what to look for in good clinical binocular microscopes.

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