Floor-mounted Microscope

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The type of floor-mounted microscope you choose depends on what you want to use it for. The highest quality and best designs in floor-mounted microscopes are those that are designed for scientific use or for use by the medical profession. Of course, these are good choices for anyone who needs the mobility of such a microscope in addition to the accuracy and great optics.

Look for a floor-mounted microscope that is stable. Some of them can tip quite easily, and this is not a desirable quality in such a precision instrument. Before you buy, try and use the microscope. Drag it around and make movements with it that you would expect to make while you're working. This is the only way to get a feel for whether the microscope will give you the kind of handling you need.

What You Need from a Floor-Mounted Microscope

A good floor-mounted microscope has a wide range of applications. Of course, such microscopes were developed for medical and dental use, and they are used extensively in such places as hair transplant clinics, plastic surgery units, forensic science units and so on. But they are also commonly used by a wide range of non-medical, and even non-scientific fields.

It is common to see a floor-mounted microscope in an engraver's office, for example. They are also used by watch makers, watch repair technicians and tattoo artists. They can even be used by operatives engaged in industrial inspections and assembly. The type of floor-mounted microscope you'll be looking may be similar to a mobile floor-mounted stereo zoom, with variable controlled halogen fiber-optic lighting system. This will satisfy most people's mobile microscopy needs.

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