Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you're a new fan of gemology, the first piece of equipment you'll need to get is a microscope. There are many uses in gemology for a microscope, such as classification of stones, gemstone identification and even the cutting of stones. Gemology, or the art of identifying and evaluating gemstones, is a very popular art, whether it is done professionally or as a hobbyist.

To get the most from your gemology experience, it is best to sign up for a course, or at the very least, read several books on the subject before you go ahead and buy equipment. Your microscope, for example, is likely to be expensive, so by equipping yourself with a little basic knowledge, you'll be sure of getting your purchase right. You may even decide to specialize in one area of gemology, such as diamonds or pearls, and this too may have a bearing on the equipment you buy.

Equipment for Gemology

To make life easy on yourself, consider buying a book, or even better, a computer program that includes information plus a gemstone database for you to refer to. This will make your appraisal and classification of precious stones much easier and faster, and will enable you to add to your knowledge quickly. These suggestions apply whether you're a student or an enthusiast: accurate knowledge is vital to gemology.

Due to the beauty and variety of the great variety of beautiful precious stones, gemology is a popular hobby with many people. It's amazing that what's beautiful to the naked eye becomes infinitely more so when seen through a microscope. The scientific journey of discovery that you will follow in finding out about each gemstone will be exciting to you every time.

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