Homeschool Microscopes

Written by Patricia Skinner
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More and more, people are buying microscopes to use when they homeschool their children, or often, just as a means to do some scientific exploration with their children. It's amazing what fun you can have together with a microscope. A microscope is a wonderful tool of discovery and can encourage a child to take an interest in the world around them. It may even spark a passion that will result in a particular profession or vocation later on.

Homeschool microscopes need not be the most expensive. With a little research, great homeschool microscopes can be found for a very reasonable price. The typical teaching microscope with a dual eyepiece for viewing by two students or student and teacher are particularly useful. The teaching compound microscope is probably the most versatile and will have the widest application and longest period of use, and also need not be prohibitively expensive.

Stereo Homeschool Microscopes?

You can also get stereo teaching microscopes for use as homeschool microscopes. These are a little more expensive, but because they give a three dimensional image, are great for viewing all sorts of specimens. Particularly useful for nature studies, they can be used for viewing whole, small objects.

A compound microscope, on the other hand, is used for viewing highly magnified thin specimens. They are particularly useful as homeschool microscopes for viewing biological specimens and so on. It could be that the type of homeschool microscopes you choose will be ultimately according to what your child is most interested in.

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