Lab Microscopes

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There are many different types of lab microscopes. You can get very basic ones for younger school kids, right up to the most elaborate model for professionals. Yet, even in this category, there are dozens of different models. It really depends what type of lab you are looking for lab microscopes for!

For younger children, up to grade 8, a simple monocular microscope is usually more than adequate as a general rule, perhaps being supplemented with a few microscopes used by higher grades. A single focusing knob is probably best, and the younger the children, the more this is so. Do make sure that the lab microscopes you buy though are of all-metal construction. With such young children, the microscopes are likely to come in for some rough handling. They need to be able to stand up to this and give several years of good service.

Research Lab Microscopes

For the higher grades, you will need more elaborate lab microscopes. As with any school lab microscopes, you will still need maximum portability and durability. You may need a little more in the way of focus control (right and left focusing, at least). A light source is also important here. An adjustable nosepiece also becomes necessary for full adjustment by individual students.

For a research lab, you're going to be looking for altogether more sophisticated lab microscopes. You may require more than one built-in light source to ensure best view of the specimen at all times. A chromatically corrected collector lens and camera ports may also be required features. Some of these more elaborate lab microscopes can even be controlled remotely via a PC for maximum usability.

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