Stereo Boom Microscopes

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Stereo boom microscopes are those that have stereo binoculars and are mounted on boom stands. A boom stand allows for a great deal of versatility because it can be adjusted so that the base and the microscope can be several feet apart. This allows for viewing many larger specimens and this is why stereo boom microscopes are often used by metallurgists and the like.

Good stereo boom microscopes come with an optional Barlow lens. This can increase the work space considerably, although giving only 50 percent of the magnification. Obviously, when they are being used for such purposes as metallurgy, stereo boom microscopes need to be built of strong materials so that they can give long years of service.

Extras for Stereo Boom Microscopes

You can also buy optional extra light sources for use with stereo boom microscopes. There are, indeed, many optional extras that can be bought for use with stereo boom microscopes. Some models come with a clamp stand for specimens, and others have a table stand.

Some stereo boom microscopes have an articulating arm, and this is particularly useful in medical laboratories. The length of boom and the different distances of height that one can get from various stereo boom microscopes varies tremendously from model to model, so it is very important to find one that gives the range you need for the work you'll be doing.

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