Stereo Inspection Microscopes

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There are many different grades of stereo inspection microscopes. At the highest end of the range is the stereo zoom microscope, which is suitable for industrial and medical applications of all kinds. These will have the best quality optics and will be found with a variety of different configurations such as a pole mount, a boom mount or a standard inspection platform. At the bottom end of the range, you will find stereo inspection microscopes that are used in schools everywhere.

Stereo inspection microscopes are also sometimes referred to as inspection microscopes or just stereo microscopes. They can be used for a variety of industrial uses such as electronic inspection or metrology. Stereo inspection microscopes are also very popular with a wide range of hobbyists and professional collectors, such as coin collectors.

About Stereo Inspection Microscopes

In fact, stereo inspection microscopes have a very wide range of application, from education, to medicine, industry and hobbyist. They come with a variety of different lighting facilities. Some even collect ambient light and concentrate it so that an electric light source is not required. Often, though, stereo inspection microscopes have two sources of light, above and beneath the specimen.

As with other types of microscope, stereo inspection microscopes come in a variety of configurations for different applications. The most common is the pole mount. Some of them also have a boom configuration for viewing of different sizes of specimens. For some applications, stereo inspection microscopes can be floor mounted for maximum maneuverability.

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