Stereo Zoom Microscopes

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Stereo zoom microscopes are stereoscopic microscopes in which the variation of magnification is continuous. The main advantage of this instrument is that you are able to adjust the magnification to suit yourself and whatever project your are working on. Obviously, you can do it only within the range of the available magnifications.

More impressively, you can pass gradually from one magnification to another, while still focusing and without losing sight of your sample. But what really makes stereo zoom microscopes astounding is that increasing the magnification will give you the sensation that you are diving into the sample.

Stereoscopic and stereo zoom microscopes actually allow us to see our specimens in three dimensions. For this to happen, each of our eyes needs to see the object from a slightly different angle. Many stereo microscopes are constructed from two separate microscopes which are kept aligned so that the object can be observed from two distinct angles.

Dive Right In!

The first time you experience this, it can make you feel dizzy! Stereo zoom microscopes are pieces of equipment that really do take you into another world. No wonder science is such an addictive subject to so many people.

You can find a very wide range of stereo zoom microscopes, depending on your budget and your purpose. Everyone from serious hobbyists to top flight scientists want one! It is important to read learn as much as you can about the equipment that you buy so you can be sure you're making the most of what you have.

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