Deaf Communication

Written by Amy Hall
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Deaf communication has been difficult to achieve in the past for the hearing impaired when it comes to using wireless communication devices. Fortunately, the times have changed and technology has come leaps and bounds with the latest gadgets. Two way pagers, wireless beepers, and cellular phones have connected people to each other, and allowed communication to exist without interruption.

There are some remarkable products on the market today that allow the hearing impaired population to communicate with the people around them, whether they are hearing or non-hearing themselves. Some two way pagers offer text messaging and internet email access, which can be a gift for anyone who is deaf. The pager can be set to vibration mode, or it can be set so that a blinking light goes off, which will alert the person of an incoming message.

Deaf Communication Has Gotten Easier

The world of deaf communication used to be a hard nut to crack. There were many obstacles for the hearing impaired, as there simply was not enough technology to help make their lives easier. At best, a deaf person could watch closed captioned television, or purchase a phone specifically designed for the hearing impaired. But these phones often cost a great deal of money, and they were not compatible with other regular phones.

So a hearing person could not always communicate with a non-hearing person via the telephone; they would have to talk in person either by using sign language or lip reading. Now, many two way pagers that are TTY capable, can be used with other compatible technology, such as pagers, beepers, cell phones, and fax machines. For more information on deaf communication, please click on the link above which will take you directly to our preferred provider of wireless devices.

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