Deaf Pager

Written by Amy Hall
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A deaf pager is TTY equipped for hearing impaired people. TTY stands for telecommunications device for the deaf. Until recently, hearing impaired or completely deaf people had limited options in terms of wireless communication devices, such as two way pagers, wireless beepers, or cellular phones.

Thanks to innovative technology, the list of possible communication solutions has broadened for those who can not hear or have an impairment. There are now two way pagers and cell phones that offer service to this specific group of people. Pagers and cell phones can now display text, and offer voice to text options.

The Deaf Pager Solution

This is great news for the hearing impaired, because they can now stay connected to the world around them too. The deaf pager can alert the person to an incoming message simply by vibrating or flashing a light. The device works by reading voice messages and converting it to text on the display screen.

The only thing you have to know when using such a pager is how to type, so you can reply to messages. There are also a host of other useful features which you will find beneficial. You can access your internet email, send and receive text messages, as well as utilize the calender and address book functions. Pagers, beepers, and cellular phones have certainly come a long way since their introduction to the mass market.

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