Deaf Technology

Written by Amy Hall
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Deaf technology is any kind of telecommunications device that is designed specifically for the hearing impaired that allows them to communicate with both hearing and non-hearing persons. The latest two way pagers, wireless beepers and cellular phones have TTY capabilities that permit the hearing impaired to receive and send text messages. This means that the deaf population finally has the same opportunities to communicate with the latest technology devices that the hearing population has.

Deaf pagers and cell phones allow the hearing impaired person to communicate via text messaging. They are usually alerted to an incoming message by a subtle vibration or a flashing light. The latest technology converts voice messages to text, which is then displayed on the lighted screen to be read by the receiver of that message. All of this can be done from anywhere, at any time, without disturbing the people around you.

Deaf Technology Has Come A Long Way

The only options the hearing impaired population used to have available to them was closed captioned television and video phones that also had a key pad and display screen to read text. But often these phones could only work with other phones that were specifically designed for the deaf or hearing impaired. Now, these phones can often be connected with compatible pagers, beepers, and cell phones that allow communication between hearing and non-hearing persons.

The latest deaf technology has made it possible for the deaf to connect with the world around them. With wireless devices, it is possible to send and receive text messages, as well as check internet email, no matter where you are. For information about deaf wireless devices and services, please click on the above link, which will take you to our preferred provider of deaf pagers, beepers, and cell phones.

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