Free Pager Service

Written by Amy Hall
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There are a lot of companies out there promising free pager service to customers. You have to exercise some caution before blindly accepting such offers for free two way pagers, wireless beepers, or services. Most of the time there is a catch to these offers, and it is up to you to proceed with caution.

Some companies will give you free pager service if you sign up for another one of their services, such as cellular phone or beeper service. Other companies will offer you free service if you purchase some very expensive wireless equipment. Sometimes, it does make sense for you to take these companies up their offer for free pager service. Let's take a look at a couple of different scenarios.

Does Free Pager Service Make Sense for You?

If you are always on your cell phone, or attached to the hip with your beeper or pager, than you could probably benefit from some of the offers out there promising free service. Some companies will give you free service if you have a cell phone plan already in place in which you spend quite a bit of money each month. You may have to pay for the pager, but then you could qualify for free service for a specified period of time.

To find out more about free services, you could do a search on the Internet for wireless devices and/or companies offering these products. More than likely, you will find that there are many offers out there that sound appealing. Just make sure you understand all the terms of the offer before you sign any contract with any company. This will offer you protection in the long-run, and possibly save you a whole lot of confusion.

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