Motorola P935

Written by Amy Hall
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The Motorola P935 is one of the latest advances in two way pagers that have opened up a whole new world of communication possibilities. With text messaging and internet email access, you can keep in constant contact with your friends, family, and coworkers. You can also keep on top of the latest news stories, weather reports, stock prices, and sports scores! Pretty amazing.

The P935 has a 4.5MB total memory, and it also has PC connectivity and desktop synchronization with Starfish TrueSync software. This pager gives you two way personal communication with a suite of core applications. It comes with a holster, deluxe connectivity pack, one NiMH rechargeable battery, and synchronization software.

The Amazing Motorola P935

This pager brings you a host of great features that allow you to communicate with the people around you most effectively. You can cut, copy, and paste text, as well as choose between two home screens. There is message time and date stamping feature, as well as a save feature that will save your messages even when your pager is turned off.

The Motorola P935 is your personal management system. It has a built-in calender and address book, that allows you to save phone numbers and addresses of frequent contacts. It also allows you to organize your tasks, memos, and appointments. You can control font size, volume, and settings, such as vibration, blinking light, or an audible alert to incoming messages. To learn more about the P935, please click on the above link.

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