Motorola T900

Written by Amy Hall
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The Motorola T900 is just one of the great 2 way pagers that Motorola has come out with in recent years. With this pager, you can send and receive text messaging, send and receive internet email, as well as catch up on the latest news, sports scores, and weather forecasts. You can use it anywhere, even while you are in the middle of an important business meeting; it is that discreet!

There are some great features on the Motorola T900 that might really impress you. Did you know that this two way pager is TTY equipped? This means that even the hearing impaired can stay connected to the world at all times. Because this pager vibrates, and has a lighted display screen, a deaf person can be alerted to a new message instantly and discreetly.

The Handy Motorola T900

Let's look at some other outstanding features you get when you purchase the T900. This pager allows you to store up to 250 entries in their address book, including both phone numbers and addresses. There is also a feature that confirms your messages have been delivered, so you don't have to guess if your message has been received.

Other features include a lighted QWERTY keyboard, and a time and date display. There is also a built-in alrm clock, as well as a vibrating alert. You can create separate folders for different messages, such as inbox, outbox, and saved messages. Incoming messages can be saved even when the pager is turned off. There is a low battery indicator which tells you when to recharge your pager. Basically Motorola pagers offer a host of useful features which makes them the best wireless devices available.

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