Motorola Timeport

Written by Amy Hall
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The Motorola Timeport personal communicator is your solution to keeping in touch with the world. With this advanced device you get wireless email, two way messaging, as well as a built-in calender and address book. Let's take a look at some of the specific features you get with the Motorola Timeport.

The Timeport P935 is one of Motorola's finest 2 way pagers. It is a compact pager that fits in your pocket for all of your on-the-go moments. With the Timeport P935, you get two way messaging, as well as 4.5 MB total memory. You also get PC connectivity and desktop synchronization with specialized software.

The Future Is Here with Motorola Timeport

The P935 Timeport from Motorola has a 9 line display screen, which is 29 Total Number of Characters or selectable font. It also has a lighted QWERTY Keyboard and high resolution graphics. This model comes with a graphic battery gauge and a message transmission status indicator. Messaging features allow you to cut, copy, or paste text, and it has an automatic signature capability, as well as a message time and date stamping.

This device is also intelligent enough to communicate wirelessly with compatible pagers, Internet email, and telephones and fax machines. It will save messages for you even when it is turned off, so you never have to worry about missing anyone. Once you try out the Timeport by Motorola, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

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