Motorola Timeport P935

Written by Amy Hall
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The Motorola Timeport P935 is one of the best two way pagers available to day. It allows you to connect with the people around from anywhere, and at anytime. That means you could send text messages or access your internet email from an airplane, a boat, a train or automobile. You can reply to messages from across the country during your vacation, while sipping strawberry dacquiri's at the hotel pool, as you work on your tan.

The P935 allows you to stay informed and organized even while you are on the go. No longer do you have to feel out the loop everytime you walk away from your phone or computer. Your coworkers can reach you while you are at home, and your family and friends can reach you while you are at the office. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

The Functional Motorola Timeport P935

If you are required to travel a great deal for your job, or you are just constantly out and about, it may be beneficial for you to have the Motorola Timeport P935 in your possession. You can send and receive email from a remote location, as well as check the latest news reports, weather forecasts, stock prices, sports scores. In addition, this pager has a built-in calender, address book, and personal management system for memos and tasks.

The P935 comes with one NiMH rechargeable battery, a holster, a deluxe connectivity pack, as well as synchronization software. This pager has PC connectivity and desktop synchronization with Starfish TrueSyn software. It is also able to communicate with other compatible pagers, internet email, telephones, and fax machines. To learn more about the Timeport P935, please click on the link above to visit the site of our preferred provider of wireless devices.

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