Personal Pager

Written by Amy Hall
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A personal pager allows you to remain in close contact with the people in your life that matter to you most. This means your friends, family, and coworkers can reach you, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Two way pagers seem to be the wireless devices of choice these days, as they offer so many great options.

With 2 way pagers, you can send text messages, receive text messages, check your internet email, and obtain information on demand. Info on Demand is a feature that allows you to check the latest news stories, weather reports, stock prices, and movie listings from your pager! You can also see if the Yankees beat the Red Soxs, and what the score was for the game. It's almost like having your PC with you at all times.

The Personal Pager Keeps You Connected

With a personal pager, you never have to worry about being unreachable in the event of an emergency. Your kids can contact you at any time, and likewise, you can keep tabs on your kids when you are not with them. Many families have tossed their cell phones and walkie-talkies out the window and replaced them with two way pagers.

Pagers won't drop calls, nor will they not work when you are out of your service area. Pagers are not prone to static, and you can rest assured that they will save your messages even when they are turned off. Pagers keep you connected, and in these hectic times that is the best you can often hope for.

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