Utopia Wireless

Written by Amy Hall
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Utopia wireless is exactly what it sounds like, a company that provides wireless service to customers with two way pagers, beepers, and/or cellular phones. Paging devices are their specialty, for a few good reasons. In terms of telecommunication products, two way pagers have stolen the limelight, thanks to their versatility and dependability.

Let's examine the benefits of two way pager service, as opposed to cellular service. First, paging is inexpensive in comparison to most cellular phone plans. With cellular phones, you agree to a set price each month for a certain amount of hours that you can use your phone. For instance, a very basic plan could give you 400 minutes a month, for around $39.99 a month.

Utopia Wireless Reduces Your Wireless Costs

Most of us have learned the hard way that our cell phone bill is always more than we think it will be, due to roaming charges and over the minute problems. Utopia Wireless offers nationwide coverage at fixed prices, as there are no roaming or long-distance fees to contend with each month. This means your bills are pretty much predictable, and you will never get caught off guard again by an outrageous cell phone bill!

Two way pagers also allow you to access Information on Demand. This means you can request information by sending a command from your two way pager. You can check the latest weather forecasts, news reports, sports scores, and stock prices. You can also send and receive email, as well as send text messages to compatible pagers and cell phones. Staying in touch has never been easier than it is today with the exceptional wireless devices.

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